AI/ML i-Portal

IWEBT i-Portal is the best customer self-service portal available for water and energy utility companies based in the United States.

Optimized experience for Customer Self-Service Portal

AI/ML I-Portal is the ultimate solution for managing your utility services conveniently from one place. Designed with cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, our Customer Self-Service Portal offers an optimized experience tailored to your needs.

At IWeb Tech, we take pride in offering top-notch software solutions for water and energy utility companies across the United States.

Our AI/ML I-Portal is packed with features to simplify your utility management:

  • Dynamic Account Dashboard
  • Bill projections
  • Usage Comparisons
  • Bill Comparisons
  • Interactive Move-In/Out
  • Notifications

The objective of smart self-convenience

The main objective of this smart self-service portal is to enhance customer convenience. When customers can find the information they want, they will not come across the need to call you. You can empower customers with all the information they want to get. It can also provide you with strong behavioral analytics of the customers.

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