Small changes become big savings with strategic energy management

Small changes become big savings with strategic energy management

Energy can be one of the largest expenses in the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors, and learning to manage energy usage is one of the easiest ways to affect an organization’s bottom line. With the right training and focus, businesses can lower costs, increase production and equipment life, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Where to start? 

Energy Efficiency Alberta is now offering Strategic Energy Management (SEM), part of Custom Energy Solutions, a new program providing tailored improvements for high energy users. The program is delivered in cohort-structured working groups of 10 to 12 similar participants based on geographical location, along with on-site visits where site-specific services are delivered. Taking place in two stages over two years, it includes an induction into a 12-month alumni cohort designed to enable the sustainment and continuation of savings, incentives and support.  

Between workshops, participants work at identifying and implementing energy-saving initiatives in their organization. Strategic Energy Management helps participants identify low- or no-cost behavioural improvements that can drastically reduce energy usage for years to come. Participants typically see energy savings averaging three to five per cent annually with little to no capital investment. Benefits of Strategic Energy Management include: 

  • Lower energy costs 
  • More efficient operations 
  • Predictive analytics to assist future business planning 
  • Greater employee commitment 
  • Sustainable business process improvements 
  • Positive PR opportunity for the company

SEM helps participants develop an energy team within their organization dedicated to active participation in the program. Energy team members attend workshops and site-specific activities designed to pinpoint energy-saving opportunities like optimizing or shutting off equipment when not in use. That suggestion sounds simple but that’s what SEM is all about: identifying easy opportunities to save and take action. SEM empowers employees to identify solutions that work for their facility while receiving one-on-one coaching and technical support from our Energy Efficiency Alberta team.  

Participants also receive incentives based on behavioural energy savings – meaning the more energy consumption reduced, the more incentives a participant can be rebated – up to $50,000 in the first cohort year at $40 per tonne/GHG saved. The SEM program can also help facilities identify larger energy saving opportunities like equipment replacement or upgrades that are eligible for implementation incentives through Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Custom Energy Solutions, which offers funding up to $2 million for each organization per year.  

SEM can help your organization create a culture of energy-efficiency, improving your bottom line and helping combat climate change.  

Who is eligible? 

Commercial, institutional and industrial organizations with a greenhouse gas emission profile of between 5,000 and 25,000 tonnes in the Province of Alberta can participate in Strategic Energy Management based around the cohort locations. The first cohort begins in Calgary in November. The second and third cohorts will be located in Edmonton and Lethbridge and will begin in January 2019.  

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How do I get started? 

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Strategic Energy Management program is recruiting for cohorts now.  To learn more or to sign up, email or call 587-315-5646.